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I’m a designer and front-end developer from New Orleans with 6+ years of hands-on experience building websites and interfaces. I’ve been a husband for three years and a father for one.

I enjoy good company, malt-brewed beer, New Orleans culture and food, and ways to increase the efficiency of everyday tasks.


Bachelor of Fine Arts: Communication Design

Louisiana Tech University August 2009






Propel Group

August 2010–January 2014

An award-winning creative agency specializing in digital media, interactive, web design, advertising, branding, and environmental solutions.

Hired as a web designer, I quickly became the lead developer within months. After my first year, I had become CTO and managed multiple servers, company and client email, and the company intranet. I helped with branding efforts, contributing concepts and feedback to other designers, but my specialty always remained in interactive media.

I spearheaded the design and development of a furniture manufacturer website with thousands of inventory and introduced an interactive build-your-own furniture tool that replaced over a dozen PDFs from their previous website.

I have experience building ecommerce websites on ExpressionEngine and BigCommerce, as well as community-building websites using WordPress+bbPress.

I implemented SVN for version control and later git. I set up a VPN for employees to access the intranet during Dallas’s inclement weather, and later used that to work remotely from New Orleans in 2012.

I managed accounts and projects. I was frequently brought in for technical meetings with clients, and was primary contact for several clients.

I managed the company email marketing and built templates to expedite communication with our mailing lists.

I set up multiple social media, AdWords, and Analytics accounts for our clients. I trained clients to use the CMS their websites were built upon.

I was consulted for estimates being sent to prospective clients and generated monthly maintenance reports for existing clients.

I implemented a mobile-first development strategy in 2011 with media queries. I also introduced and had great success using style tiles for a few clients instead of full-page static Photoshop renderings.

Notable clients I performed work for while at Propel Group:

Attorneys Online, Inc.

September 2009–August 2010

A niche-market agency providing brochures, print campaigns, media buys, web design, audio/video production, commercials, marketing, and public relations services for some of the most prestigious law firms in the United States and Canada.

My role as web designer was to design website concepts and code them either statically or with WordPress. I initiated and developed a project review document for the entire company to track progress and milestones that was previously done via memory and phone conferences. I developed an HTML and CSS framework for the entire development team before Bootstrap and Boilerplate became mainstream. I learned PHP, MySQL, and ssh on the job under the guidance of the IT Director.

College of Business at Louisiana Tech University

Fall 2007–May 2009

I was responsible for designing and building the College of Business website, designing slides shown throughout the hallways on mounted screens, and designing printed flyers and brochures.

Design the Planet

Summers 2007 & 2008

A full-fledged marketing and branding firm.

My responsibilities included print advertisements, website design, website maintenance, interacting with vendors, and illustrations for promotional materials. I created the original sheep mascot that they used for social media and email marketing until his untimely death in 2013.


Winner of 2008 national student design competition hosted by 36 Point.

Continuing Education


An Event Apart

In 2009, Jeffrey Zeldman gave me a ticket to AEA Boston. Meeting and hearing from him, Jason Santa Maria, Jeremy Keith, Dan Cederholm, Dan Mall, Jared Spool, Joshua Porter, Derek Featherstone, Aaron Walter, Heather Champ, Andy Clarke, Whitney Hess, and Kristina Halvorson confirmed my love for this industry. I learned invaluable things, yes, but everyone knows you attend conferences to absorb the energy, enthusiasm, and passion.

Dallas Society of Visual Communications Student Show & Conference

I attended 2007 and 2008 to sharpen my portfolio and prepare myself for interviews via their job fair. Portfolio critiques, networking and information absorption were the highlights.

Code School

My first encounter with git was at Code School, but I have also dabbled in iOS and Ruby on Rails.

Front End Party

A monthly meet-up for front-end developers in New Orleans comprising of three fifteen-minute presentations. I’ve learned about Amplify.js, Grunt (JS), and Google Maps API.

Underground Graphics

A student-led design organization at Louisiana Tech University founded in 2005. I served as Secretary 2007–2008 and as Vice-President 2008–2009. My responsibilities were to organize group travel and accommodations for conferences, present topics for continuing education, develop and maintain the organization’s website, provide technical support to active members, organize fundraisers, and provide feedback on student projects.

The Internet

I’m constantly learning new things shared by the following sites: A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, StackOverflow, GitHub, Sidebar, CSS Tricks, Brand New, Dribbble, Medium, et al.

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